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In this video Alexander Lorenzo shares an Ethereum Price Prediction if you are looking for a guess at the future price prediction of Ethereum. We can guess the price of Ethereum by calculating and guessing the market cap/ circulating supply. If you want to follow along, I suggest you get out a calculator and make your own Ethereum Price Prediction.

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  1. BTC was $3,150 in January 2019, I had $30k and thought "Maybe I should just put it all in Bitcoin and leave it alone" by June it was$12k per coin. That's one scenario where I wish I would have put all my money in Bitcoin

  2. So then the Foreign Exchange market, where the world's currencies are pegged to the American Dollar, would no longer exist… Or they would have to adjust and morph into something else.

  3. Great stream. Really enjoyed listening to this one. Crypto analysts have voiced various predictions in the medium and long-term, but there is a consensus that Bitcoin will be worth much more after the halving event. Considering this, it is natural that investors will target the lowest possible price to enter the market. For me, I advise you multiply the little you have with Mr Ivan Peterson program, a pro trader who's helping investors and newbies accumulate profit as we experience the dip, I was able to make 7btc with 1.5btc in 3 weeks trading with his strategies, You can reach him on *[email protected] or *Whatsapp_+1(516) 259 2418-

  4. Not too sure about eth! They’re having to fork again and exchanges and cup’s are dumping it. Lots of complications and it seems as though they will not be able to change over to pos for years


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