Bitcoin may be poised for a huge breakout


Fundstrat’s Tom Lee says bitcoin might be poised for a huge breakout. With CNBC’s Brian Sullivan and the Fast Money merchants, Pete Najarian, Brian Kelly, Dan Nathan and Tim Seymour.

“If you get to buy crypto you have to buy Bitcoin because this will be probably the survivor,” Sullivan mentioned in the course of the newest episode of CNBC’s “Fast Money.”

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  1. I was listening to Glen Beck radio about
    1.5yrs ago and he had a guest who he described as one of the best financial experts
    And he said bitcoin would go to
    40,000 by Christmas 2018.
    He swore up and down it was a slam dunk.
    Needless to say a lot of people lost a lot of money.

  2. Moving from XRP to BTC has being a great experience for me, Bitcoin fall was a shock to everybody and many who didn’t trade but hodl keep losing their coins..Bitcoin recent price dump shouldn’t dissuade you because it’s all a repeated process and it’s because of bitcoin halving. As a trader and investors we have to use every given opportunity to trade the market and accumulate as many bitcoin we could now ahead of the pump we might later experience in 2020.. Irrespective of any market trend encountered as an investor profit should be made and that’s the reason I am currently accumulating and growing my portfolio daily through a crypto trading program with signals provided by David Loghan and I have grown my portfolio from 2 BTC to 6 BTC in just 4weeks. David’s signals and strategies are the best I have used, his signals are accurate, efficient and give you a consistent profit margin. He can be reached through *Telegram @davidloghan*. The bull run is going to be upon us again soon.

  3. Strange how there is no mention of the block reward halving’s role. The daily supply will literally cut in half in May 2020. Hashrate still very high, overall network security is extremely high.

  4. At 1:40 in he says that Bitcoin if it took 50% of the market share of gold could be $250,000 each. That's not even required because it's not only gold that Bitcoin is competing against and can take some market share of. It's also the currency markets and the derivatives markets that Bitcoin even if it just had 1% of those markets could be more than $250,000 each.

  5. Bitcoin 2 is well undervalued can handle 40 times more transaction than Bitcoin low fees, and has a privacy feature
    Same supply as Bitcoin
    Cost under $2.00 to invest
    BTC2 don't miss out.

  6. It is not going to take the value from gold, it will take the value from the t bills. The dollar will devalue greatly and the value will come from t bills. Both gold and bitcoin will go in the same direction up in prices.

  7. Each time this tom lee calls for a bullish target. Each n every time he only n only has bullish targets only…only to fall flat on his face when btc keeps going lower.
    I mean a broken clock is right twice a day.. So when his prediction does come true, he'll be all over the news.
    I mean not paying attention to these guys is the best thing one can do.

  8. There has been a shift in fundamentals in the blockchain space. The real Bitcoin protocol is on the BitcoinSV chain. Tom Lee definately knows this. But, if he talks up BTC he will benefit from a surge in price from all three chains. Despite knowing that only one really works !!!

  9. Everyone is already anticipating $250,000 by 2022. I think what will happen will surprise us in a really good way or in a really bad way. It’s either going to go to zero or several millions of dollars by 2022.


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